Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Never been to Comic Con, but if it's anything like the Dragon Con Convention I inadvertently stumbled upon in Atlanta last year, it's surely gotta be one colorful event. During this years Comic Con, BET's head honcho Reginald Hudlin, showed off a new trailer for the forthcoming animated series "The Black Panther", based on the comic book.
The folks over at had this to say about the much anticipated reveal of this highly popular comic:
"The animation is much like a comic book with moving images; all the backgrounds remain still, while the characters move in the foreground. "The Black Panther” cartoon is NOT for children. From the beginning of the story expect nothing but blood and gore. And a lot of it. The scenes are brutal and extracted directly from issues 1-6 of the Black Panther."
As far as casting, rumor has it that Djimon Hounsou may play the voice of Wakandan leader T’Challa aka "Black Panther." Sounds dreamy to me...Click the picture for the LA Times recap.