Thursday, July 03, 2008


So I was just surfing the web and looking at what new/old shows we have to look forward to this television season. After clicking through show after show and still finding no real presence of black folks I thought wow, has Hollywood just forgotten about us? Will there be no more "Martin," "Living Single," " The Cosby Show" or "A Different World" in the future of television?
Then I thought about a conversation I had with a black actor a few years ago where I was discussing this pilot I was thinking of writing about this black family...and he told me something that I thought had to be untrue. He was like he had been out pitching to the studios and none of them..not one of them was looking for a show that featured a black cast.

Now keep in mind this was years ago when this conversation took place, so now it's three years later and I'm looking over this list of shows where there are only...wait let me just list them.... "The Game"..."Everybody Hates Chris"..."The Cleveland Show"..."Under One Roof" (maybe)..."The Tony Rock Project" (an improv show)...

I can't help but wonder what happened to all the black writers, show runners, etc. that were out here doing it when I was just embarking on my quest to move out here and become a writer. I'm really curious about what has happened in the last seven or eight years that we just don't have any real quality shows on the same level as the shows I mentioned earlier.

So tell me folks, is the picture above correct?? Is black labor not needed in Hollywood??