Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Okay so now there's even more controversy in the whole Disney Production of "The Princess and The Frog." It began with the plot that they were originally trying to run with the Princess being a Chambermaid and being named Maddy which was pretty close to Mammy and something about some voodoo sprinkled in there somewhere.
But folks, including me, thought that this was a bit too similar to her being seen as a slave or mammy--and for those of us who've had the displeasure of seeing "The Song of the South" Disney did not want to cross that line again.
The latest controversy is one that I have strong feelings about as well. They went back to the drawing board on the whole plot with the girls name now being Tiana and her being in a country that has never had a monarchy but now she lives happily ever after with a handsome fellow who is not black. The rumor is that he might be Middle Eastern, etc.
Now here is where I have the problem. This is a historic and monumental film for us. This is the FIRST BLACK PRINCESS!!! Why would Disney keep our princess from a handsome black prince?? I don't know if I'm the only person who sees this in Hollywood since "I love black people" but have you all noticed that there are a lot more movies lately that will not pair a black actor with a black actress and vice versa.

All I have to say is this is what happens when we don't have folks that look like us calling the shots. I just wish Disney would call me, Kasi Lemmons, Debbie Allen, or somebody in as a consultant on this project that has some real knowlege on black people. I beg.

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