Thursday, July 10, 2008


(I sat like four seats over from them on this
Finally, a black network that covers historical black moments!! TV One is scheduled to cover the upcoming Democratic National Convention next month in Denver (Aug. 25- 28). They're also going to show a nightly recap show following the convention,"TV One Live: DNC Afterparty," that features commentary by some of our favorite black personalities: Jackie Reid, the husband-and-wife team of Michael Eric Dyson and Marcia Dyson, Hill Harper, comedian Cheryl Underwood, the Rev. Al Sharpton, and TV One chef/on-air personality G. Garvin. Click below to read more...
According to TV One President Johnathan Rodgers, "The show will be similar to going home after you've been out to the graduation or to the wedding, going to the kitchen and talking about the event with your friends and family." I like the sound of that!
In other news, they will not be covering the Republican convention. According to a very frank (and rightfully so) Rodgers, "In the cable landscape, there are so many other outlets for seeking other coverage (of the Presidential race) that I don't feel an obligation to do it...We are a network whose mission is to celebrate the achievement of African-Americans-- Barack Obama is the ultimate African-American and that's why we're there and we're unapologetic about it."
Amen to that brother!!