Thursday, August 14, 2008


Again, thanks to Myra for calling them out on this.

From "The Panache Report"

*It's really sad and disheartening when a network geared towards "African-Americans," has to issue a statement defending their hiring practices which exclude "African-American women" as hosts from their most visible shows.

Yesterday, BET responded to our criticism. They issued a statement (which no one in the media took seriously) basically saying: "BET respects the power of blogging but we must distinguish fact from fiction in regards to a recent "Panache Report," article."
"BET is proud of the incredible black women representing our channel. Donella, Alesha Renee and Jina Johnson."

Despite this, we stand by our statements. BET does not have African American women on their most visible shows such as 106 & Park which continues to receive low ratings with Rocsi co-hosting. The ratings for 106 & Park were at its peak when Free & AJ hosted. They "sold," Rocsi and Terrance "don't sell." And, we won't mention the scandal that Rocsi is currently (allegedly) involved in, is there a morals clause in her contract or is this another ploy for higher ratings? And, the crossover argument doesn't work in this case because high ratings aren't being generated.

Has BET forgotten that their core audience is African-American female?
Meanwhile, Black women like Oprah Winfrey continue to make strides in communications by "selling," and by having the most successful show on television. Tyra Banks continues to "sell" with her talk show and "America's Next Top Model."

I pity the day when civil rights groups arrive at BET offices to discuss hiring practices with "Black" executives at a network geared towards "African-Americans," that exclude "Black women," from their most visible shows.

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