Friday, August 15, 2008


Okay, I can't tell you how important this movie is to me. Being a true 80's baby, this movie was always at the top of my list for being a fun, feel good movie that ultimately engulfed the spirit of what the 80's was all about...FUN!!
Since this movie is SO special to me...I wanted to go all out for my "Black In the Dayz" feature. So, I went above and beyond and used my "secret agent" skills to find and interview the main cast members from this classic film. Next week, starting Monday, I'll post the interviews as well as some Breakin' trivia as my own special tribute to the movie that always manages to take me to my "Happy Place" - to quote Happy Gilmore.
Below is an ancient review of the movie by Siskel and Ebert who suprisingly liked it a lot despite how much Ebert was trying to hide it. I hope you all enjoy next week as it has truly been a dream come true to chop it up with my film-dance heroes over the past few weeks.