Friday, August 08, 2008

I really want to thank Myra for putting the spotlight on this. I thought I was the only one who noticed the utter disregard for black women on a network that's supposed to cater to us but does just the opposite. The article is the picture to go to Myra's website.

Allegedly, Sharon Carpenter, who is half Indian and half White, has been given a show to host (BET News). Rocsi, the co-host of 106 and Park is Dominican American. Julissa, the host of the now defunct College Center was Puerto Rican.

I'm all for equal opportunity employment but when you seem to be discriminating against your own race in favor of other races, that's when the problem occurs.

Sadly, despite BET being an network that caters to the African-American viewer, we are receiving reports (unconfirmed rumors). Allegedly: Black executives at the network don't think an African-American woman can sell a show and non-black women are laughing and joking that they have a better opportunity for employment at the network than African-American women.
If I remember correctly, Bev Smith had no problem selling a show. The black models in "Italian Vogue," contributed to the recent issue being sold out across the country where it's now being auctioned off on ebay for $100 dollars.

If this is true, it's disgusting. Saying that an African-American woman cannot sell a show on a Black network is self-discrimination and self racism and the same excuse used by White racist executives on network TV.

BET seems to cater to non-black females on an consistent basis over their own women. So much so, that even Whites and Latinos ask? "Why doesn't BET hire Black women?"

I have yet to see a (bi-lingual) Black woman being hired to host a show on a Spanish network despite all the job opportunities BET continues to provide for Spanish women and non-black women.