Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last night, television was all abuzz as to whether Hillary Clinton would be able to keep a straight face, or show any emotion at all, while trying to get her voters to finally take the blue pill and become Obama supporters. I was actually nervous for her. As a woman, I can totally respect the path she trailblazed by running for the highest office, but as a person who's been following this campaign for months now, I know how the media can rip apart, paraphrase, and overanalyze any and everything you say.

After Chelsea introduced her mom, I was still uncertain what to think but when Clinton mentioned that she was a supporter of Obama in the second line, I thought this is gonna be good. And good it was...Hillary even went as far as to use Harriet Tubman's struggles to free the slaves as a metaphor of how we have to keep pushing as a Democratic party in order to win the election. Gotta love that Black History moment!

Sadly, the Democratic lovefest was put on hold when CNN Reporter, Suzanne Malvo, decided to put a microphone up to some loony black woman who was a Delegate and avid Hillary supporter (stalker) who blabbed about the fact that she just couldn't get over the fact that Hillary wasn't gonna be the President and that she might not vote (although our ancestors fought and died for that right) know what, I'll let you watch...