Friday, August 29, 2008


John McCain finally picked his Vice President today and....he has to really be on something. After blasting Barack Obama for having no experience but being a State Senator he goes and selects an ex-beauty pagent winner from Alaska who's only been governor for the last 18 months? Someone who has 5 kids, wants to overturn Roe vs Wade, and has absolutely ZERO knowledge of foreign policy and she said this herself!! It's soo obvious that he's after these Hillary Clinton stans who still have yet to actually join the cause of the Democratic Party that they claim to be a part of.

As a woman, I'm completely offended and I think this further proves just how out of touch John McCain and the rest of these old Republican farts are with women. How dare you insult our intelligence and think that women were only voting for Hillary Clinton because she's a woman. The last time I checked, the women voters out here can read and write and comprehend just fine John McPain. And they tend to show up to the polls more often than men. I'm very disappointed at his choice and I think that it just further proves how much of a sucky President he would be!!!