Thursday, August 21, 2008


This year in the film community has been all abuzz about shooting productions in Michigan this fall, this winter, next summer, next month. You'd think that Michigan somehow swooped down and stole LA's sunshine but what's really going on is that Michigan is giving filmmakers from all over an offer they can't refuse. An offer that's allowing them to get back 40% of the money they spend shooting their productions.

According to Variety, there have been 47 productions approved to shoot in Michigan thus far. Upcoming and recently completed projects include: "Whip It," with Drew Barrymore directing Ellen Page; the Weinstein Co.'s "Youth in Revolt"; and Lifetime's "Prayers for Bobby," with Sigourney Weaver. Production on an HBO pilot will begin soon, while ABC/Disney TV recently completed its pilot "Prince of Motor City," a "Hamlet" set in the automotive world. Production on Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" continues, and indies "Red and Blue Marbles," "The Detroit Job" and "Street Boss" have recently wrapped.

Wow, 40% off sure sounds like a sale to me. Makes me miss the 75% off sales in "H&M" before my closet reached capacity (sniff..sniff).