Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is an interesting documentary that's coming out on September 5th. Below is the heartwrenching details of what it's all about. I still can't wrap my mind around what happened in New Orleans and what is still happening or better yet, not happening down there.

Terry Bradshaw executive produces and narrates this heartwarming documentary about a high school football team that takes in 20 rival players after their schools (and homes) are devastated by Hurricane Katrina. When the coach declares that all positions are open, even those held by seniors, the new students are grateful but the others worry that their playing time, and chances for college scholarships, are in jeopardy.

But rather than turn bitter, or focus on the racial and economic differences between them, the young men band together to form a new team. They learn to play together (and begin winning), and they help to heal the storm-battered town in the process. Filled with great characters, touching stories, and some fantastic high school football, WALKING ON DEAD FISH is a film that will inspire all ages and renew faith in the promise of today’s youth.