Friday, September 12, 2008


Boy do I love Kanye West. I mean, he's a Gemini like I and so when he goes off on his tizzy fits I can do nothing but smile. We're such passionate beings and can be as sweet as apple pie or as mean as a rattle snake, within a matter of seconds. Gotta luv it!

So while making his way through LAX yesterday, Kanye took it upon himself to 'passionately' rid a paparazzo - who was trying to snap a picture - of his camera and 'passionately' crashed it into the floor. I totally feel Kanye's pain every time I go to LAX. I mean, I don't really have the paparazzo factor happening just yet but LAX is like a fortress and can leave all those who enter in a relative state of pisstivity.

Police arrested Kanye. Later, he and his manager Don Crowley were booked for investigation of felony vandalism, although prosecutors will determine what charges they might face. I swear, if stuff like this happened when I go to LAX I might have to fly more often -if for no other reason than to let off some steam.