Friday, August 22, 2008


In Hollywood and even BET for that matter, there's an urban legend that putting a black woman into the lead role in movie (like Hitch) or as a host on a TV show (like 106 and Park), people in America and abroad won't watch. Honestly, it irks the hell out of me when I hear or see this. That's what makes last month's issue of "Italian Vogue" all the more significant and historic.
So they say that black women can't sell $10 movie tickets or cable video shows but I wonder if they knew that....
Within 72 hours, the magazine sold out in the United States and Great Britain.
Another 40,000 copies of the "Black Issue" were recently reprinted to meet the still strong demand.

The average cost of the book is $17.95 (although many of the newsstands have jacked their prices up because it's such a hot seller) and there were even reports of the book selling on ebay for upwards of $100.

I went and picked up a copy of the reissue last week to keep as a collectors edition and i must say that it's beautiful to see the kaleidoscope of black women on display.
Something you may not have heard about this issue is that Barack Obama had an indirect but major influence. Click here to read the interview where Franca Sozzani, one of the key people behind this issue, talks about how Barack's candidacy helped make this issue a reality. (Wow can you imagine what influence he'll have a President!!)
To conclude, I'd just like to personally say to those Hollywood Execs who think black women aren't marketable, or to that black station that ignores us every chance they get....You all might not think we can sell a movie or host a TV Show, but we sure as hell can sell a magazine internationally...Word is bond!
Click below to check out some of the pics from the issue.

And there are tons more pics in the issue. Check it out when you get the chance.