Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Though I've been hearing about this for months now, the ink has finally been signed on the papers for Tyler Perry's TV version of his play-movie "Meet the Browns." According to Variety, "TBS has commissioned 10 half-hours of "Meet the Browns," which stars David Mann as Leroy Brown, with Perry as exec producer and director. "Meet the Browns" is going to tape in Perry's massive studio he built in Atlanta.
If the 10 episodes work out when they begin airing in January '09, Perry will do 90 more episodes for TBS to run next summer. Early details suggest that the show will be set in a boarding house and will feature a bunch of "colorful African-American characters."
On another note, Variety reports that Tyler's previous show, "The House of Payne" could end up grossing more than $200 million in its first cycle through 2012.
With all these millions being thrown around, one would think that Hollywood would be seeking some BLACK themed projects but yet and still we don't have much to look forward to this television season. So sad...