Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Variety is reporting that Spike Lee's newest film "Miracle at St. Anna" is causing a bit of a problem with folks in Italy. In the film, which spotlights the role of African-American soldiers in WWII, a partisan named Rodolfo collaborates with the Nazis, indirectly sparking the slaughter.
This aspect of Lee's "St. Anna" has incensed partisan veteran orgs, which fear it could fuel a "revisionist" backlash, as former partisan Moreno Costa told Corriere della Sera.

Apparently the writer of the novel and the screenplay, John McBride, is apologetic to the partisian veteran organizations and states that "this is a fictional story." However Spike, being Spike was unapologetic.
His response, "I am not apologizing for anything. I think these questions are evidence that there is still a lot about your history during the war that you (Italians) have got to come to grips with. "This film is no clear picture of what happened. It is our interpretation, and I stand behind it."
Gotta love Spike.