Monday, September 29, 2008


Coming in at number one this weekend is the film that finally managed to pump up the box office a little this weekend, "Eagle Eye." starring Shia Lebouf. It brought in a whopping 29 Million over the weekend.
Coming in at number two is a film that I'd never heard of before and that's "Nights in Rodanth. This film brought in 13.6 Mllion over the weekend.
Holding on to third place, is the Will Smith produced film "Lakeview Terrace' that stars Samuel L. Jackson.
Coming in fourth place is the new movie "Fireproof." This film brought in 6.5 MILLON.

And coming in in last place out of the top five is the film "Burn After Reading. The movie brought in 6.1 Million viewers bringing it's total to 45.5 Millon dollars.