Friday, October 24, 2008


BET has formed a deal with film powerhouse The Weinstein Company to acquire the rights for the cable premiere of the recently released movie "The Longshots," and the soon to be released films "Soul Men," and "Hurricane Season." The deal apparently gives BET the basic cable premiere of the Weinstein produced film "The Great Debaters." According to THR, BET will also act as a promotional partner on "Soul Men" and "Hurricane Season."
106 and Park is scheduled to broadcast from the premiere of "Soul Men" at the Apollo Theater on Tuesday and will rename the show "106 & Soul Men" for the night. For the upcoming basketball drama "Hurricane Season," BET will air a special from John Ehret High School in Marrero, LA, that will feature a town hall discussion with students, real players, actors from the film and the filmmakers.
You know, folks can say what they want about the Weinstein's and their random behavior, but they are one of the few production companies in the business who still put money behind quality black themed projects - without the "white hero" Hollywood likes to inject into our stories. Gotta give them props for doing that!