Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This story from the Daily Kos brought me to tears so I had to share. The writer is Dagan68, who describes himself as a 42-year-old ex-Republican with no great history of activism. For a few weeks now, he's been urging people in Dallas to register. Mostly, he talks with African-Americans and Latinos. Here's his story...
Early on, my canvassing partner and I ran into two young black men --- bling, tattoos, etc. I try not to be racist, but it was all I could do not to be scared to death. They came up to us, and we introduced ourselves. The one gentleman's name is Kai. I asked Kai if he was registered to vote. He said, "No" and we discussed how he could register. He looked up at me --- and I swear he was tearing up in his eyes --- he said, "You are the first white man who has ever spoken to me with respect in my life. I appreciate all the work you are doing for Obama." He then asked for more registration forms --- he took about 100.
I understand from a friend at a local official registration location that Kai did indeed show up --- with about 50 of his friends in tow. I actually started crying.
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