Wednesday, October 01, 2008


So another pregnancy, another baby daddy is the way Miss Badu rolls. There have been rumors over the last few months about her possible pregnancy and now New York Daily News is confirming that these rumors are indeed the truth. They didn't say how far along she is but Erykah revealed her third pregnancy to a crowd of fans at a concert in Austin, Texas this past weekend.
Erykah, 37, is already mom to son Seven Sirius, 10 ½, with Outkast's Andre 'Andre 3000' Benjamin and daughter Puma Rose, 4, with rapper The D.O.C. The new baby's father is supposedly Erykah's boyfriend, producer Jay Electronica, who worked with her on her most recent album - although it's painfully obvious that they were making more than just music together.
I can't help but remember something Erykah said a few years back...something to the idea that she wanted to have ten kids by ten different men. If she really meant this, I guess she's got seven to go. Things that make you go hmm...