Friday, October 03, 2008


Be sure to check out CW's "The Game" tonight at 8:30pm. Not sure why in the heck the CW isn't promoting the show very much or why they put it on the pivotal graveyard timeslot of a Friday night. Actually, I am sure. The answer is simple, they don't want it to survive. They've found their little success with the Gossip Girl's and 90210's with little to no ethnicity and so now they are turning their back on their black themed shows. Sound familiar?

Well this was the same type of treatment Fox did to the black shows of the 90's - Martin, Living Single, New York Undercover etc. They built their network on the backs of these super successful black shows, seeing as it's blacks who watch television the most. Once they had a few ratings in their corner, they moved on to other less diverse (non-black) pastures.

Now, we are faced with a dying breed of black themed shows in any capacity on television. Even when you look at the kids shows, which I often do, we have shows such as "Corey in the House" that put a black kid in a situation where he has zero black friends or where he's the one of the only blacks on the entire show. You'll soon see this again on the upcoming Nickelodeon show "True Essence," starring Keke Palmer, that's scheduled to air on Nickelodeon.

I guess they feel if they spread our black actors out on various shows here and there, they'll never again have to allow us to express our creativity and culture with shows that speak directly to our community in a non buffoonish or violent way. All I have to say further on this is...NAACP stand up!