Friday, November 07, 2008


Happy to report that "Stomp the Yard" director Sylvain White is continuing to evolve in his career with bigger and better projects. According to Variety, he's set to direct "The Losers," an adaptation of the DC-Vertigo comicbook about a band of black ops commandos who are set up to be killed by their own government. They barely survive and set out to get even.

The series was first published by the DC Comics imprint Vertigo in the 1970's. Gregory Noveck, who oversees DC Comics film transformations, will be involved in a producing capacity.

White, will direct "The Losers" as his next project. However, he continues to develop an adaptation of "Ronin" for Warner Bros, "Static" at Columbia Pictures, and "Castlevania" via Rogue Pictures which got close to production before being thrown off because of the Writer's strike.

Kudos to Sylvain for this great accomplishment!