Monday, November 24, 2008


There was a hurricane at the box office this weekend and it began with the movie "Twilight." The highly anticipated film based on the book of the same name whipped the box office this weekend by bringing in $70.5 Million. I'm betting there will be more...lots more vampire movies, tv shows, etc. popping up left and right.

In at number two is the latest in the 007 franchise "Quantum of Solace" which scooped up $27.4 Million of the box office dollars to bring it's total to $109 Million.

In number three, is the kids flick "Bolt" with $27 Million. I think folks expected this one to pull in a little more but with Madagascar 2 continuing to roll in the dough that was a hard feat.

Coming in fourth place is the move it, move it "Madagascar 2." It brought in a solid $16 Million to round out it's total to $137 Million.

Coming in fifth place this week is the hardly funny dude flick "Role Models." It brought in $7.23 Million to bring it's total to $48 Million.