Friday, November 14, 2008


As the year comes to a close, rumors are flying around like crazy about shows that are being dismissed from the rosters of various networks - very likely due to the lag effects left over from the painful writers strike earlier this year.
Below are a few of the shows rumored to be getting cut from the tube...

According to my peeps over at "Prison Break," the end of the show is seemingly to be rapidly approaching.

The producers have been notified by Fox that the filming schedule might be extended to accommodate production of two additional episodes. The two additional episodes thing usually means..."that's all folks."

According to folks in Hollywood, "Pushing Daisies" is another show that may very well be on it's way out. From what I remember, when the show first debuted, it's a really, really expensive show to produce and they were saying at the time that if the show didn't kick off with major ratings, it was gonna get canned. And then the writer's strike happened. After this, all of the shows seemed to get a do over and I'm guessing this do over didn't yield the best results.

Supposedly, they are winding down production on the show's 13-episode order.

According to THR, NBC has pulled the plug on freshman tentpole drama "My Own Worst Enemy" and returning sophomore series "Lipstick Jungle," sources said Wednesday.

The cancellations come after both shows dropped to new ratings lows in recent weeks, with the Christian Slater action series sinking to a 1.8 among adults 18-49 (4.3 million viewers) on Monday and "Jungle" falling to a 1.2 (3.3 million viewers) on Friday.

Although the "Jungle" number was an improvement on the previous week, the show's ratings have been below the line for a while and sunk into the red zone after being moved to Fridays' - the graveyard timeslot.

I've never seen either one of these NBC shows but I do know that Felicia Henderson (Soul Food, Sister Sister) was a writer/producer on "Lipstick Jungle" so this is definitely sad news for her.