Friday, December 12, 2008


According to the Boston Herald, Andre 3000 is being sued for $2 Million by a man who claims the singer stole the idea for his cartoon "Class Of 3000."

A postal worker, Timothy McGee, 33, a former art student, claims he developed “characters, artwork, storylines . . . and concepts” for an animated series he called “The Music Factory of the ’90s,” nearly 10 years before the oddly similar “Class” began airing on the Cartoon channel.

McGee’s show followed a group of young musicians “as they try to break into Atlanta’s burgeoning music scene,” the suit says. His characters included “a young corporate type” who dreams of being a music producer, a “tough full-of-attitude female executive, a young techno-whiz sound engineer, a talented young Asian singer and a central energetic young singer/rapper.”

Cartoon Network and its parent company Turner Broadcasting are also being sued in the lawsuit.

A spokeswoman for the Cartoon Network said the network is aware of the suit, but “as a general practice, we don’t comment on litigation.”