Friday, February 27, 2009


This weeks Black in the Dayz movie is an oldie but a goodie. I was at a restaurant this week when the song "Taking a Chance on Love" began to play and I was singing right along to it trying to remember why I knew this ancient song. Long after the song went off it hit me...this song was a staple in this really great movie "Cabin in the Sky" and was sung by the late great Ethel Waters.

"Cabin in the Sky" makes me really sad about the state of black cinema these days. Although the atrocities of racism were at their peak when this film was made, the quality of this film outdoes anything that I've seen as of lately.

If you've never seen this classic film you should definitely check it out. This shows some of Lena Horne's earliest work. And then you too can walk around humming "Taking a Chance on Love" and smile at how much talent the actors in this film put on. Check out the clip of Ethel and Lena below.