Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Okay, so here we go again with some more black folks believing that the simple fact that they're black, they are going to somehow get a leg up on the rest of the folks in America when it comes to President Obama. So President Obama held his first prime-time press conference on Monday of this week and a few of the members of the black press were heated by the time it was over.

"We were window dressing," said Hazel Edney, a reporter with the National Newspaper Publishers Association, also known as the Black Press of America. "We were nothing more than window dressing."

According to the Washington Post, while most on the front row got to pose a question to President Obama, the two reporters from the black press did not. Nor did any other black-press reporter, for that matter.

"This was like Reagan, when he'd put all the blacks up front," said another prominent but visibly peeved black-press reporter who asked to remain anonymous. "He oughta' be ashamed."

Okay so here is where they lose me. I watched this press conference in it's entirety and I counted two members of the black press ask President Obama a question. One was a female, Helene Cooper of the New York Times and the other was a black man -the man that asked the question about steroider A-Rod.

Not sure what the angry black press members are so salty about but they really need to get a grip. Just because President Obama has pigment in his skin doesn't give any of us ownership over him or some kind of special privilege. The same can be said to the group of black fashion designers who were up in arms over Michelle not using a black designer for her inaugural ball dress. SIGH...