Friday, February 06, 2009


Lee Daniel's well received and recently scooped up drama "Push" is already causing a ruckus while Lionsgate is being sued by The Weinstein Company over the distribution rights to the film.
In a statement, attorney Bert Fields said The Weinstein Co. had a "firm agreement" with the film's producers and that Lionsgate interfered. Lionsgate claims the producers signed a written agreement stating they had no written or verbal agreement with Weinstein.

According to Variety, Lionsgate is seeking a judge's ruling that it owns the rights to distribute "Push" in the United States and Canada. Weinstein is suing for breach of contract.

"Push" is already competing for its title. A sci-fi movie of the same name starring Dakota Fanning will be released Friday.

It's funny cause I'm almost certain that before making this movie, Daniel's probably couldn't get either of these companies to take a second look. But now that there's a spotlight on it and a shiny new stamp of approval by Sundance, the movie is suddenly a masterpiece. That's Hollywood for you.