Thursday, February 26, 2009


Samuel L. Jackson has settled his differences with Marvel Entertainment in order to get pizzaid. This week he made a deal to play the role of Nick Fury in "Iron Man 2," and potentially many other films.

Jackson's deal is a long-term commitment to play Fury, the leader of the espionage unit the Shield, according to Variety. His deal contains an option to play the character in nine future Marvel superhero films, efforts that are expected to include "Captain America," "Thor," "The Avengers" and "The Shield" as well as potential sequels.

Jackson introduced Fury in the final scene of "Iron Man," when the character asked Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark to join his group. Fury shows up in multiple Marvel franchises and crosses paths with many Marvel superheroes in the comicbooks.

Jackson's Marvel future was questionable after he voiced his displesure with the producer-financier's initial offer to reprise his role. Apparently, the $600 Million dollar film producers were being a little frugal when it came to making offers to cast members.