Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Above is a teaser trailer for an upcoming feature-length documentary on the career and legacy of veteran Mcee and the coolest rapper I've ever met, Big Daddy Kane.

According to Allhiphop.com, the biopic is titled BDK, and features Kane narrating on his humble beginnings growing up Brooklyn, and his first exposure to the culture that would define him.

“The first time I brought a microphone was because of Divine Sounds, Disco Ritchie,” Kane recalled. “He had his equipment out rhyming and I wanted to get on. So right after I was like ‘I’m an emcee, I wanna rhyme too.’”

As with many pioneer artists, Kane learned early to stand on his own merits to gain respect.

“”He [Disco Ritchie of Divine Sounds] hit me with the shoulder like ‘nah shorty, you gotta have you own microphone,’” Kane stated. “It took me 2 weeks to save $25 to go down to Albee Square Mall and buy a Dynamic Microphone from Radio Shack. And I got on and rhymed against Ritchie. We were peace and broke bread after that.”

Other topics outlined in the documentary will be Kane’s influence on Hip-Hop fashion and the visual presentation of the emcee, along with his lyrical impact through his solo catalogue and Juice Crew contributions.

The film will be directed by Anthony Marshall, co-founder of the Lyricist Lounge.

At press time, a release date has not been announced.