Thursday, March 12, 2009


Not sure why folks seem surprised by this one. If he didn't make it to the Grammys, I surely didn't think he'd make it to the "Kids' Choice Awards." According to several reports, Chris Brown has withdrawn his name from the ballot he was on for the kids choice awards - he was nominated for favorite male singer and favorite song for "Kiss Kiss."

A petition had been circulated to take his name off the ballot, but Nickelodeon said on Tuesday he would remain on it. With all the hoopla, Brown decided to withdraw.

As far as the alleged incident between Chris and Rihanna, I'm gonna remain mum on that situation until it all comes out. There's a lot of twists and turns to that story and when they all come out, I'm wondering if all the folks who've been talking with such certainty (like they were in the car) will have the same one sided approach to the situation.
I'm with Diddy on this one (never thought I'd say that) man should put his hands on a woman and no woman should put her hands on a man...PERIOD!