Thursday, March 05, 2009


According to Hiphopdx, Tupac's screenplay that he wrote while in jail, "Live 2 Tell," is quite possibly going to get made into a movie. Pac wrote this script during his prison time in '95 for those bogus sexual assault charges that he got.

The story centers around a drug kingpin trying to leave the drug game. The script has been circulating in Hollywood since 2005, shopped by the late rapper's mother, Afeni Shakur.

Here's the rundown on what it's about..."A charismatic young man at the dawn of adulthood spirals down the wrong path in life and is brought into the underworld by his once trusted mentor, only to become one of the most powerful and feared kingpins in the city. Eventually his conscience gets the better of him and he is driven to self redemption in life… and love."

The rights to the movie are currently in the hands of Insomnia Productions, producers of the HBO series "Rome."

The film is slated for what is being called a "very tentative" 2010 release. Gosh I miss Pac.