Thursday, March 26, 2009


Just as the reports begin to surface about famed actor, Isaiah Washington and his lovely wife supposedly getting evicted from their Santa Monica home, it's being announced that Washington has just booked a new gig. This gig will be a biopic on legendary singer Lou Rawls who Washington is attached to play.

According to THR, Pathway Entertainment has acquired the script "Through the Eyes of a Son," described as an uncensored take on the singer written by his son Lou Rawls Jr., and will develop it as a feature.

Born in Chicago in 1933, Rawls sang in a range of styles that included blues, soul, funk and R&B, selling millions of albums and earning legions of fans, as well as the accolades of Frank Sinatra. He also, according to the script, had a traumatic life, enduring a poverty-stricken childhood and, in adulthood, intense marital strife.

"It's the untold side of a glamorous life," said Adel Nur, Washington's manager. "It's like 'Ray'; we knew about the beautiful music, but we didn't know about the turmoil and chaos in (Ray Charles') life."

Pathway's Robert Egan and Dimi Sloane co-wrote the script with Rawls Jr., and Egan and Rawls Jr. will serve as producers. Another writer is expected to come on to do a polish.

Said Egan, "We're showing the real story -- what he was doing to his wife before walking out onstage and wooing the audience with a big smile." He added that the film will move around in time to different periods of the singer's life.

Rawls, who died in 2006, also had a side career in Hollywood, lending his voice to such cartoons as "Garfield" and "Hey Arnold!" and making appearances in movies like "Blues Brothers 2000."

The APA-repped Washington, best known for his role on "Grey's Anatomy," next will be seen in "Hurricane Season," the Weinstein Co./Dimension Films story of a New Orleans basketball team after Hurricane Katrina.

Pathway recently completed the drug-dealer tale "King of the Avenue," starring Ving Rhames.