Monday, April 13, 2009


As expected on everyone's radar the Miley Cyrus flick "Hannah Montana: The Movie" came storming into first place this weekend with $34 million dollars making it the biggest Easter weekend ever at the North American box office.

Not surprisingly in at number two with high numbers for the weekend is "Fast and Furious" which brought in a respectable $28 million although it was a pretty drastic fall from last week's $89 million opener. The box office total is now $118 million.

In third place is the kiddie cartoon movie "Monsters vs Aliens" which brought in $22.6 million to bring it's total to $141 million.

Sliding into fourth place this weekend has to be a disappointment to the Seth Rogen bunch is "Observe and Report" which brought in $11.1 million.

And rounding out the top five is the sci-fi flick "Knowing" which brough in $6.67 million to bring it's total to $68 million.