Monday, May 11, 2009


Man oh man was it chaos at KFC's in America last week. It was just seven days ago that Oprah announced on her show that folks could download a coupon on her website that would allow folks to get a free two piece grilled chicken meal at KFC. Can we say pandemonium? I don't think KFC expected O's peeps to flood the gates but that's exactly what happened and that's exactly what has KFC reneging on the offer.

Roger Eaton, president of KFC in the United States, said restaurants would no longer immediately redeem the free coupons for its new grilled chicken meal after they received such an "overwhelming response" to the promotion. Like he didn't know that free chicken dinners in a recession would garner such a response...sigh...

"The lines of customers wanting to redeem their coupons have been out the door and around the block, so we're unable to redeem customer coupons at this time." Eaton said in a statement issued late Thursday.

KFC said millions of Americans had downloaded free coupons after the offer was featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and Web site on Tuesday, driving traffic to levels unseen in the brand's 50-year history.

Eaton apologized to customers for the changes to the scheme and said those who already had a coupon could get a rain check form to enable them to use it at a later date.