Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I kinda felt this one was coming. Apparently folks may be claiming stuff too soon when it comes to the Dreamworks/MLK project. As previously reported, the King family siblings are in a legal battle against one another over the rights to their father's estate. Bernice and Martin Luther King Jr. are threatening legal action over the Dreamworks project that it appears that their brother Dexter King has set up.
Below is what Dexter told Variety yesterday claiming that he alone is in charge of granting access to his father's intellectual property.
"The King Estate is committed to working very closely with
DreamWorks (and producers) Suzanne de Passe and Madison Jones, whom we chose to
create the first major motion picture on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. We
hope that this will be the definitive film on his life and legacy. For over 15
years, I have had the honor of being the chief executive of the King Estate
Corp. and am charged with the duties of managing my father's name, image,
likeness, recorded voice, copyrighted works and rights of publicity."
I just know that Coretta and Martin Luther King Jr. are rolling over in their graves with all of this immature behavior. So much of a legacy for Dr. King.