Friday, May 01, 2009


MC Lyte also know as one of the greatest female emcees of all time is switching things up once again. After doing some acting over the years, she's now going to be adding Executive Vice President to her already busy resume. As Executive VP of DuBose Music Group, a part of DuBose Entertainment, the expectations will be high.

"Lyte is a rap music icon and music scholar with a wealth of industry connections and an extensive knowledge of urban music," said CEO James DuBose. "With Lyte at the helm, DMG is perfectly positioned to usher in the next generation of artists and influence a new generation of music fans.”

Lyte's first move was to sign 20 year old singer-songwriter Tenille.

“At DMG, we will provide artists like Tenille a platform to showcase their talent and to grow into bona fide R&B superstars,” MC Lyte said via statement. “I’m thrilled to be working with DuBose to bring soul music to music lovers young and old.”

MC Lyte is also working on her own album, tentatively titled The Second Coming. no finalized release date has been set for that album.