Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After waiting at the station for almost three months, Denzel Washington has parted ways with the folks behind the upcoming film "Unstoppable.”

Sources close to the actor confirm that after waiting almost three months for 20th Century Fox to firm a budget and a fall start, Washington formally withdrew from the film late last week. He is looking for another film project to keep him busy this fall.

UPDATE: Interestingly, once Washington and his reps came to that decision, passed on Fox’s offer and started entertaining other projects, Fox prepared to come back to the table with a different offer that the studio hoped would entice the two-time Oscar winner to re-consider his decision. The actor will now take a look at the latest script draft, giving a glimmer of hope.

Washington had planned since April to re-team with director Tony Scott and play a veteran engineer who jumps into a locomotive with a young conductor (“Star Trek’sChris Pine) to halt an unmanned runaway train filled with a toxic chemical cargo whose spillage will decimate a town located near a hairpin turn in the tracks.

The project has been shaky for weeks (Daily Variety, June 29, 2009). While Washington and Scott will keep talking this week as the longtime collaborators promote “The Taking of Pelham 123” in Europe, the actors reps at WME confirm he is available.