Friday, July 31, 2009


Up and coming rap star "Drake" caught a lot of flack over the video for his hit song "Best I Ever Had" after Kanye did a questionable job of directing and coming up with the concept. I'm a music video buff and the video kind of irked me since I really like the song and Kanye totally had the chance to stray from the formula. However, he decided to throw some plastic boob girls in the video as skantily clad basketball players and there was the concept.

In the video above, Drake tries to put some perspective on what he thought about the video and why he didn't stick with the subject of the song...being sprung over a girl. Supposedly Kanye felt bad after fans reacted badly to the video and offered to redo the video but Drake turned him down...tsk tsk tsk. After watching this clip, I'm convinced that musicians no longer care about their music videos . I guess they're too busy collecting checks for ringtones or something. Sigh...