Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I have family in town. Folks who live in L.A. know how it is when that happens. You have to play tour guide and take them around to all of the tourist traps that you'd be avoiding on any other day because you live here now and who has time to act like a tourist in L.A.? Especially when it's two degrees hotter than hades. So, despite it feeling like the devil's lair outside and despite my aversion to acting like I haven't lived here for the past five years, I ventured outside of my crib to take my thirteen-year-old, not so baby cousin, Justin, to Beverly Hills so he could see where all of the rich people part ways with their dead President's. Justin's one request on this journey, "I wanna see a celebrity." Being the humble big cousin that I am, I kindly reminded him that he was rolling to Beverly Hills with a celebrity and therefore his wish was already being granted. Needless to say, this garnered a few eye rolls as we went on our merrily little way to Rodeo Drive.

Versace, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's, Harry Winston are the stops we made along the way and we were simply minding our business when a crowd of onlookers began following behind us. A look over my left shoulder and I began to wonder if my "I'm already a celebrity" thoughts were rubbing off on the innocent bystanders we were passing by on our way to our next pricey destination. However, I was very rudely awakened when I looked to my right to see none other than Mrs. Beyonce' Knowles-Carter, her mother - Tina Knowles, her nephew - Baby Daniel, and her gorgeous bodyguard walking right next to us. Justin's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he leaned over to whisper the obvious "That's Beyonce'!"

I suggested he ask her for a picture since by now she had walked past us and turned around while talking to her mom about needing some air, so we could see her bare but beautiful face. Justin was much too shy to ask for a flick and mostly intimidated by her sexy bodyguard who by now I had labeled "The Incredible Hulk"...that guy is dreamy.
A few more steps and a crowd of folks were following us in what looked like an impromptu parade. They all had goofy looks on their faces as their cameras seemed to magically appear to snap picture after picture. Just then, "The Incredible Hulk" turned around and barked at them "NO PICTURES!" My camera had no flash, so I'm guessing he didn't notice the flicks I was taking, plus some middle aged lady next to us began yelling at him. Something about it being a "free country" and something about her "rights," so maybe he was distracted listening to that drivel.

A black SUV pulled up and the window rolled down to reveal Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles. She walked over to greet him as if she hadn't seen him for sometime and then the driver pulled off (this was kinda awkward). The parade of onlookers, growing by the minute, continued to snap pictures until Sasha Fierce and family darted into nearby sunglasses shop, "Ilori."

And then...the Paparazzi arrived...

Those guys came out of nowhere! They began snapping pictures with their hi-tech cameras from outside the store while even more onlookers camped outside of the store waiting for a glimpse of Beyonce'. Justin politely asked if we could stick around since he had never seen nor "experienced anything like this." He was even a little star struck by the paparazzi...(smile).

I agreed and about ten minutes passed before Beyonce' and crew reappeared, made a quick exit through the crowd that awaited, and hopped into a black SUV.

The tag of this SUV, Justin later told me, read DIVA82.

After her departure, the paparazzi continued making their way down the street at a rapid pace while the onlookers stood by looking like they were still trying to catch their breath after what they had just witnessed....A true Beyonce' Experience...