Friday, August 14, 2009


By now you've probably heard about Michael Vick signing a two-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. I couldn't be more happy. He did something wrong and served his time and now people really need to move on -but I get the feeling they won't. It's amazing how folks can kill humans and not be as crucified as Michael Vick has been for being involved with the whole dog cruelty scandal.
I also find it amazing how high on the food chain folks can rank animals like dogs and cats but turn a blind eye when kooky people like Sarah Palin kill innocent animals while gangsta leaning from a helicopter. Or how about the millions of gun toting Americans that hunt Bambi, Smokey the Bear and my beloved Jaws. Sigh...such a double standard.
But I digress...check out the video above where Vick talks about his crime. The show airs this Sunday.