Monday, October 26, 2009


This weekend at the box office was pretty solid for the top five flicks. "Paranormal Activity" keeps full steam ahead with bringing in $22 Million to bring it's total to $62.5 Million which is a major accomplishment since the film was made for just $11 thousand buckaroos.

In at number two this weekend, was what had to have been a big disappointment to Lionsgate, "Saw VI" which brought in $14.8 Million.

Coming in third place this weekend was "Where the Wild Things Are" which brought in $14.4 Million to bring it's total to $54 Million.

Sliding in fourth place was the Gerard Butler/Jamie Foxx revenge thriller "Law Abiding Citizen" which brought in $12.7 Million, bringing it's total to $40.3 Million.

Rolling into fifth place this weekend was "Couples Retreat" which brought in $11.1 Million that brought it's total up to $78.2 Million.