Friday, October 10, 2008


For this weeks Black In The Days Friday, we have "Bad Boys." This is one of my favorite films in this genre and I actually think that this part is ten times better than part two with like half the budget. I like Michael Bay just fine but Bad Boys II was very bloated and wasn't quite as humorous as part one. Sometimes I think less is definitely more -especially when part two is upwards of three hours long.

But back to the movie, there were plenty of memorable characters and I absolutely loved the switcheroo that Marcus and Mike had to pull to get the witness, Julie, to cooperate. That was a real creative move for this kind of movie and provided another dimension to the story.

An interesting tidbit about this film that you might now know...the guy who plays Eddie Dominguez - who's killed in the Al Capone suite - is married to acting beauty and recent Playboy Playmate, Stacey Dash.