Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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(w) = writer (d) = director


TITLE: Confessions of a Contractor (pushed)
TEAM: Shawn Ryan, Richard Murphy (w), Jeff Okin
SYNOPSIS: Based on Richard Murphy's book of the same name, an insider's look at the sexy and provocative world of L.A. seen through the eyes of a successful contractor.

TITLE: The Eastmans
STUDIO: Warner Bros. TV
TEAM: Margaret Nagle (w)
SYNOPSIS: A medical show centered around a complicated family of doctors.

TITLE: I Witness
STUDIO: CBS Paramount
TEAM: Pam Veasey (w), Trey Callaway (w)
SYNOPSIS: A detective/professor uses her psycho-physiological skills to solve crimes.

TITLE: Three Rivers
TEAM: Carol Barbee (w), Curtis Hanson, Carol Fenelon, Ted Gold
SYNOPSIS: A medical show about organ transplants seen through three points of view: the doctors, the donors and the recipients.

TITLE: The Good Wife (cast-contingent)
TEAM: Robert King (w), Michelle King (w), Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David Zucker, Charles McDougall (d)
SYNOPSIS: Female-driven law show about a politician's wife who pursues her original career as a defense attorney.

TITLE: Miami Trauma
STUDIO: WBTV/Bruckheimer TV
TEAM: Jeffrey Lieber (w), Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman
SYNOPSIS: Medical show set in Miami focusing on a dedicated team of trauma surgeons who race against the clock to save critically injured patients.

TITLE: A Marriage
STUDIO: Bedford Falls
TEAM: Marshall Herskovitz (w), Zwick (w,d)
SYNOPSIS: Anatomy of a marriage that works

TITLE: House Rules
TEAM: Michael Seitzman (w), Mark Gordon, Deborah Spera, Dan Minahan (d)
SYNOPSIS: Follows the freshman class of congressmen/women as they begin their careers in Washington, D.C.

STUDIO: CBS Paramount
TEAM: Dean Widenmann (w), Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, Mark Pellington (d)
SYNOPSIS: A man returns home only to discover he had been reported missing eight years earlier, following 9/11. He must learn how to reconnect with his family and a world that moved on without him.

TITLE: U.S. Attorney project
STUDIO: CBS Paramount
TEAM: Frank Military (w), Mimi Leder
SYNOPSIS: Legal ensemble centered around a team of federal prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan.
CAST: Jason Clarke, Lennie James

TITLE: Washington Field
STUDIO: CBS Paramount
TEAM: Ed Bernero (w), Jim Clemente (w), Tim Clemente (w), Jon Cassar (d)
SYNOPSIS: Set in the elite Washington Field office of the FBI that protects national interests, this team of agents with exceptional and diverse skills is called together for only the most critical cases.

TITLE: NCIS: Legend (backdoor pilot)
STUDIO: CBS Paramount
TEAM: Shane Brennan (w), Tony Wharmby (d)
SYNOPSIS: Spinoff from the crime procedural
CAST: Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J, Louise Lombard, Peter Cambor, Daniela Ruah


TITLE: Good Girls (multicamera)
STUDIO: CBS Par/Katalyst
TEAM: Sherry Bilsing-Graham (w), Ellen Kreamer (w), Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke
SYNOPSIS: Centers on two women and childhood friends who are trying to reinvent themselves after making some youthful mistakes.

TITLE: Accidentally on Purpose
STUDIO: CBS Par/BermanBraun
TEAM: Claudia Lonow (w), Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun
SYNOPSIS: Based on the autobiographical novel (by Mary F. Pols) about a San Francisco movie critic (Jenna Elfman) who finds herself pregnant after a fling with a much younger man, and the unconventional family that ultimately comes from this mistake.
CAST: Jenna Elfman

TITLE: Waiting to Die (multicamera)
STUDIO: Sony/Tantamount/CBS Par
TEAM: Will Sasso (w), Chad Kultgen (w)
SYNOPSIS: Buddy comedy about two simple guys who are happy with their life – no matter how bad it might look from the outside.

TEAM: Jackie Filgo (w), Jeff Filgo (w)
SYNOPSIS: NYC couple moves to his hometown of Dallas, Texas where his southern-belle mother makes life complicated for his east-coast wife.

TITLE: The Fish Tank (single-camera)
TEAM: Cathy Yuspa (w), Josh Goldsmith (w)
SYNOPSIS: A teenager finds himself living the dream when his parents give him the house to himself five days a week.

TITLE: Happiness Isn't Everything (hybrid, pilot + five scripts)
STUDIO: Sony/Tantamount/CBS Par
TEAM: Mitch Hurwitz (W), Jim Vallely (w), Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum
CAST: Jason Biggs

TITLE: Tick Tock (hybrid, cast-contingent)
TEAM: Bill Kunstler (w)
SYNOPSIS: Centers on an unconventional single mom in her 30s who decides to focus all of her energy on finding love.

TITLE: At Last (cast-contingent)
STUDIO: Warner Bros. TV
TEAM: Shana Goldberg-Meehan (w)
SYNOPSIS: Multi-camera comedy about Lucy and James, in their mid-30s, decide to get married but realize they have a lot of baggage, friends, ex-lovers, etc.

TITLE: The Karenskys
STUDIO: UMS,Berman/Braun
TEAM: Linwood Boomer (w), Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun
SYNOPSIS: Multi-camera comedy a woman who returns to her hometown when her husband's job.
CAST: Mather Zickel, Sasha Alexander, Jack Thompson, Annie Potts, Desi Lydic, Todd Stashwick, Tinsley Grimes