Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's what Fox is working on.

(w) = writer (d) = director


TITLE: Masterwork
TEAM: Paul Scheuring (w)
SYNOPSIS: An adrenalized race against time to recover the world's most sought-after artifacts and works of art in the vein of "The Da Vinci Code" and "National Treasure"

TITLE: Untitled Ian Biederman
STUDIO: 20th / Imagine
TEAM: Ian Biederman (w), David Nevins, Stephen Hopkins (d)
SYNOPSIS: Genius comes with a price: A brilliant female surgeon endures adult-onset schizophrenia and thrives.

TITLE: Human Target
STUDIO: WBTV/DC Comics/Wonderland
TEAM: Jon Steinberg (w), McG, Simon West (d)
SYNOPSIS: Based on the DC Comics title, the show centers on Christopher Chance, a mysterious freelancer who offers a very unique form of security for hire -- he assumes the identities of people in life-threatening danger, becoming the "human target" on behalf of his clients.
CAST: Mark Valley

TITLE: Untitled reincarnation
TEAM: David Hudgins (w), Deran Sarafian (d), Lou Pitt , MJ Rose
SYNOPSIS: Past-life investigators use the concept of reincarnation tosolve mysteries of their clients' previous lives in order to resolve their problems in the present
CAST: Nick Bishop, Kelli Giddish, Ravi Patel

TITLE: Eva Adams
TEAM: Kevin Falls (w), Jamie Tarses
SYNOPSIS:Womanizer is transformed into a woman and must endure the same kind of abuse her used to doll out; based on the Argentinian telenovela "Lalola."
CAST: Rhea Seehorn, James Van Der Beek, David Denman, Alex Borstein

TITLE: Glee (picked up to series)
TEAM: Ryan Murphy
SYNOPSIS: The hourlong comedy centers on Will (Matthew Morrison), a thirtysomething Spanish teacher at an Ohio high school who has the daunting task of taking over the school's glee club, which has become a heaven for outcasts.
CAST: Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Jayma Mays, Cory Monteith, Jessalyn Gilsig


TITLE: Cop House (single-camera)
TEAM: Adam Resnick (w), Marty Adelstein, Michael Thorn
SYNOPSIS: Set at a halfway house for troubled cops.

TITLE: Absolutely Fabulous
STUDIO: Sony/BBC/Tantamount
TEAM: Christine Zander (w), Mitch Hurwitz, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum, Ian Moffitt, Jennifer Saunders
LOGLINE: Based on the British series.
CAST: Kristen Johnson, Kathryn Hahn

TITLE: Walorsky
STUDIO: 20th/American Work
TEAM: Brian Gatewood (w), Alessandro Tanaka (w), Ravi Nandan, Scot Armstrong
Logline: In the tone of "Bad Santa," an ex-cop turned security guard patrols a mall in Buffalo. His life is centered around Buffalo sports and doing the least amount of work possible. But when he is assigned a young idiot partner, he is forced to grudgingly get involved with the people that he is assigned to protect.

TITLE: The Station
STUDIO: 20th/Red Hour Films
TEAM: Kevin Napier (w), Ben Stiller, Stuart Cornfeld, Jeremy Kramer
SYNOPSIS: A covert CIA operative and his workmates are embedded in a South American country and must navigate their mission to install a new dictator in this banana republic with its own unique set of challenges.

TITLE: Two Dollar Beer
STUDIO: 20th / 3 Arts
TEAM: Mike Binder (w, d), Michael Rotenberg, Jonathan Levin
SYNOPSIS: Set in Detroit, a blue-collar couple and their extended family and friends deal with the reality of their long-standing roots in this community slowly becoming less relevant as the rest of the world slowly passes them by.
CAST: Jonathan Sadowski, Kevin Simpson, Noureen Dewulf, Ricky Mabe

TITLE: Sons of Tuscon
STUDIO: 20th / J2TV
TEAM: Tommy Dewey (w), Greg Bratman (w), Harvey Myman, Jason Felts, Justin Berfield, Todd Holland (d)
SYNOPSIS: In the spirit of "Slums of Beverly Hills," a charming but misguided hustler is hired by three young brothers with considerable resources to act as their "Father" while their real one serves time in prison for a white collar crime.

TITLE: Boldly Going Nowhere (pilot to be reshot for fall consideration)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV, RCG, 3 Arts Entertainment
TEAM: Rob McElhenney (w), Charlie Day (w), Glenn Howerton (w), Adam Stein (w), Michael Rotenberg, Nick Frenkel, Wayne McClammy (d)
SYNOPSIS: A high-concept comedy about what happens day to day on an intergalactic spaceship helmed by a rogue captain (Koldyke)
CAST: Ben Koldyke, Tony Hale

TITLE: Save Us Then the Whales (cast-contingent)
STUDIO: 20th TV/New Wave
TEAM: Sameer Gardezi (w)
SYNOPSIS: Single-camera comedy set at a politically incorrect nonprofit organization.

TITLE: Sincerely, Ted L. Nancy (presentation)
STUDIO: Lionsgate TV
TEAM: Barry Marder (w), Chuck Martin, Gary Auberbach and Rob Lee
SYNOPSIS: Centers on a regular guy (Sussman) who, after suffering through too many faulty products and customer service mishaps, decides to take on the corporations by writing letters that "seek to avenge the consumer frustrations of people everywhere.
CAST: Kevin Sussman

TITLE: The Emancipation of Ernesto (not going forward)
TEAM: Emily Kapne (w), Wilmer Valderrama
Centers on Ernesto (Wilmer Valderrama), a guileless innocent embarking on an epic quest to find his father amid a Los Angeles landscape polluted with excess.
CAST: Wilmer Valderrama, Hector Jimenez, Sarah Wright